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“I create an outlook of abundance, alleviating scarcity, so that we can live a brighter future.”

Casimiro da Silva Santos

Business Leader, Coach, Speaker, Dad

About me

My name is Casimiro,
and people call me Cas!

I am a coach certified by ICF, a business leader, a speaker, a husband, and a dad. I create an outlook of abundance, alleviating scarcity, so that we live a brighter future.

I am a highly talented, enthusiastic, and energetic leader with an entrepreneurial flair demonstrated through an outstanding record of achievements over 20-years’ experience helping companies in the water and wastewater chemicals industry to turnaround unprofitable divisions and set them on a sustainable profitable growth path.


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What Our Clients Say

“I recently had the privilege of having Casimiro as coach, considering that the sessions held were extremely productive, in the sense that it helped me to find answers to several questions, both professionally and personally, for which I didn’t have a clear answer. It was a great experience of personal appreciation, which I recommend to you.”

Daniel Santos

Area Sales Manager, Kemira

“During the coaching sessions with Casimiro, I felt that I was able to reflect in depth on which way to choose when faced with difficulties in situations and professional relationships, which at the time seemed to me “dead ends”. The literature suggestions and strengths and weaknesses assessment sites he indicated to me were also very useful tools to complement the analysis of which way to take in each situation, in my particular case.”

Anselmo Nunes

Sales Representative, Kemira

“I’ve closely worked with Casimiro as my mentor and coach.
Cas has been extremely effective in nailing down my personality traits, uncovering what provided me with positive vibes and what I should stay away from. In our coaching sessions, Cas had help me clarify what I was striving very difficult in understanding about my life sojourn.”

Francis Oraeki

Real Estate Consultant, Youth Ambassador

“Anyone who wants to be successful and develop themselves and their skills should come to you for guidance along the way.”

Gaynor Le Sar

Corporate Account Manager, Ecolab

“Cas is a powerhouse of experience, who, through a structured framework and sensible processes, enabled the acquisition of clarity and empowerment – making any next steps (personal and professional) effortless.
His coaching assisted me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing some personal challenges. His professionalism and empathy along with the tools and knowledge gave me a real boost.”

Francis Oraeki

Real Estate Consultant, Youth Ambassador

“When passion is allied to the profession and hand in hand with motivation, excellence in training happens. This is my definition of you.
I’m very proud to have you had as my coach – you knew how to ask the right questions at all times!!
Thank you very much!”

Ana Barreto

Master in Educational Psychology, Higher Technician at IEFP, I.P.

“The mentoring program with Casimiro helped me understand the way I work in the Portuguese market and how to adapt to the Portuguese market, connecting with companies and demonstrate my knowledge in order to be attractive to the local labour market. Through LGBT Mentoring I got to know his workand I am very grateful for the sessions, and for the points of we exchanged. Thank you very much.”

Cleber Gomes

International Supply Chain Trader British American Tobacco (BAT)

“Let me take this opportunity to thank Cas for the coaching process. I had tried many business activities but I was not successful because of not having the idea of a value proposition but now I am very confident that I am able to meet customers’ needs. I was hanged somewhere in the air, today I can confess that all my feet are on the ground.”


Entrepreneur, MBA in Banking and Finance, GrowMovement Mentee

Steve Jobs once said that “Great things in business are never done by one person theyre done by a team of people”Casimiro was great team brainstorming driver, and our team members driven by Cas’s energy and experience, find a way “To Do It Better”.

Danijel Čurlin

Managing Director, SNF Adriatic d.o.o

I must say that the team coaching session that Cas prepared for us had a great impact on me and my team, a very young team, not for their age but for their working habits. The team was used to executing orders before, usually used by authoritarian management, which today can no longer bring results. We understood why and how to find our common goal and work on it altogether, rowing in the same direction. I highly recommend the team coaching conducted by Casimiro if you want to build and strengthen teamwork. Thank you very much, Cas.

Dragan Biro

Area Manager, Axchem Group 

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