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Extreme leadership

Can you be an extreme leader? Last year, I attended a webinar by Boris Groysberg. He is a professor of business administration in the Organisational Behaviour unit at Harvard Business School. The topic discussed was extreme leadership using the race between the explorers the British Robert Scott and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen on the conquer of the South …

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Stop procrastination

Stop procrastination ”Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” Drucker, P. (n.d.) When we open a dictionary, most of them defines procrastination as “to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.”. No one wants to be thought of as careless or lazy, especially in …

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First dates

Sales Calls Are Like A First Date “You want to work with people who you like and have an easy rapport with.“ White, M. (n.d.) During my recent holidays, I came across an article written by Erica Stritch, Vice-President, RAIN Group, comparing first sales calls to dating. This comparison raised my curiosity, and I read the article …

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Complacency In Sales Is Life-threatening In my 20-years sales management career, winning a contract or being an incumbent supplier on a contract was always bittersweet. First the sweet, as an incumbent or a winner, our firm gets the revenue, profit, and prestige of a large deal. Now the bitter, once we’ve secured that mega-prestigious contract, we must keep …

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Sales prospecting

Prospecting Is Essential To Sales Success With the advent of the internet and growth of inbound marketing, sales 2.0 and social media selling, many supposed sales gurus claim prospecting is passé. Their pitch to us, salespeople, is “never cold call again!”, in my opinion, they are wrong. “True sales prospecting is creating business. Your job is …

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What matters

Provocation Selling In 2008 during the financial crisis, most companies laid off employees and restructured. This impacted all business sectors, with most of our customers and clients postponing investments and reducing chemical spending. During this period, it was pretty common to hear them say “no budget” or “cuts across the board” or even worse “, …

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Something new

Winning With Innovation More than ever, customers are seeking solutions to their most challenging problems. Whether it’s increased operational costs, water scarcity, GHG emissions or ongoing protection against safety incidents, you should be ready to help your customers with their most pressing challenges. “When launching something new, you have to go for it – ‘playing …

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