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More than ever, customers are seeking solutions to their most challenging problems. Whether it’s increased operational costs, water scarcity, GHG emissions or ongoing protection against safety incidents, you should be ready to help your customers with their most pressing challenges.

When launching something new, you have to go for it – ‘playing not to lose’ can never be an option.”

Welch, J. (Winning)

Innovation is essential in this technological process, or both; selling innovation to your customers and prospects requires that you think differently. Here’s how:

  • Learn something new. Review new programme selling materials and attend training webinars. Gain comfort with different value propositions and monetization techniques like return-on-investment
  • Be comfortable with change. Take time to learn new technologies. You are “moving up the customers’ value chain” with services (value-based selling) so get comfortable with the new language of selling benefits
  • Be Bold. Don’t sit back and wait for others to try something new first. Be a leader in your sales region and help your fellow teammates and customers gain comfort with new offerings
  • Ask questions. Reach out to others who may be more proficient at specific skills. Teamwork is key to success, and all are part of the successful equation

Innovation is about change. Change is uncomfortable and drives you and your customer out of your comfort zone. Adaptability and agility are crucial to success in today’s world’s fast pace, and innovation plays a key role. Now is the time to step up innovation focus, so join the ranks that have experienced the difference it makes with customers.

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