Volunteer with Passion

Caring about making a difference to the local communities is essential for me to live my WHY. Being in service of others in projects related to potable water and water scarcity, mentorship and coaching, and hands-on work in disadvantageous communities in Latin America and  Africa are how I create an outlook of abundance, alleviating scarcity, so that we can live a brighter future.

Associations and NGOs I am involved by giving my time for being of service to others include:
  • Water for People, helping people bring clean water and sanitation solutions to their communities for generations to come. Participated in volunteer actions in Malawi, Nicaragua and Bolivia
  • SOGA, especially supports Soga Island, in the Bijagós Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau, in the areas of WASH, sustainability and education
  • GrowMovement, mentoring young African entrepreneurs and unicorn start-ups in business development and growth
  • LGBT Mentoring, offering free mentoring sessions to the LGBT community, whether they are employed professionals or looking for an opportunity in the marketplace. I am a mentor and a coach in this organisation
  • Mandela Foundation, spending 67 minutes every Mandela Day in service of others in the community